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Moviesyug is one of the most popular movies downloading websites. Almost every picture after or within one week of release could be found in HD print on this site

They provide all these dubbed movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu for free, and thus they are pirated.

They are one of the most visited websites for downloading. Although they provide pirated content they still get a lot of visits.

Here you can everything from freshly released titles to snogs everything related to the entertainment world is in the moviesyug database.

Moviesyug Tamil, Telugu, Bollywood dubbed

The best thing is that you can get all these for free and that too sitting on your couch, never leaving your comfort. 

In the old days, you had to go to the cinema halls, stand in line and pay to watch a movie, but now all you need is a good internet connection and a torrent client and you can download all movies you like from

Now, before talking about how to visit moviesyug and how to download movies we should talk about a few more things. 

Q. Is the movie downloading site banned?

A. No, is not banned, but due to the government's summon on other similar websites they took down all of their data. Read further below in post for exact reasons.

Q. Can I find Dil Bechara on

A. Earlier you could have found it, but now they have removed everything from their servers due to fear of government strike.

We will talk about some official aspects of downloading and some other important points which you should know before thinking about proceeding further.

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Moviesyug: In short

Moviesyug is a piracy website which illegally provides links to pirated movies and songs on its website. 

Here you can find movies from all around the world including Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and all types of dubbed films.

As it is a pirated website thus all the files provided and downloaded from it are pirated versions of the original movies. 

They have become a very popular downloading website not only in India but around the world.

Moviesyug literally stands for “Era of Movies” and yes it does stand true to its name. To download from it you just need a torrent client and you are all set to go.

Moviesyug: The Statistics

The starting of moviesyug going popular can be started in April 2018. It has gained too much popularity in very few months from being a new website to a favorite of everyone it gained too much in a very short amount of time. 

This type of popularity only comes from wrong paths.

Moviesyug has estimated monthly traffic of 212 thousand (212,000) visitors, which is a lot for any new website. 

It has 127,000 unique visitors. Its user visited approximately 5.50 pages per their visit. This means that every user visited over 5 pages every time they come on the moviesyug. 

Their average visit duration was of 4 minutes and 30 seconds which tells us that they liked to wander around on the site. Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu Dubbed Movie Download

Moviesyug has overall 328,000 backlinks of which 60 were from .com domain websites, 53 were from .in domain websites, etc.

84 percent of these backlinks were generated from the United States, 10 percent were from Germany and the rest were from other countries. Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu Dubbed Movie Download

The reason you should not search for Pirated Movies on Moviesyug:-

Till now you all know that moviesyug is a pirated movie website. Due to the same reason, the Indian government has issued a ban on and all other sites similar to it. According to the Government sites like this impose heavy losses for the film industry, because as soon as a movie gets released people like them upload it on their websites and provide it to peoples for free through piracy.

It is a blessing for people who want to watch movies for free but due to this, the entertainment industry faces heavy losses in their revenue. And thus they don't get a good result from their movies.

The main reason behind film producers loss would be that they spend a lot of money in their making and if people won’t go to the cinema halls or buy the official DVD or CD and they just download it from these websites then there will be no revenue generation for the movie and the producers couldn’t even recover their expenses. wants to request all of you guys that you should keep away from these types of sites because these all are illegal and support piracy. We know that they provide entertainment for free but it is not ethical and by using them you are not supporting the original owners of the movie.

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Moviesyug: How do they Piracy

There should be a question arising in your mind that how do these websites manage to pirate the original content so easily.

We will try to answer your question as best we can. Websites like, Tamilrockers, Worldfree4u, hdmoviearea, etc. use different methods to acquire what they need.

The most common method is to record a movie when it's been shown in theaters and upload it on websites. But this method gives blurry, shaky, and poor quality movies but then also people go for it to watch the released movie as soon as possible.

Another method that is commonly used by piracy sites moviesyug is to screen record movie while it is playing on the official website. As you know that now almost every movie is coming with a digital release on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. and thus it makes a recording of a movie easier. This method also results in good quality movies with better sound and non shaky images without background noises.

The next method is not common as it involves leaking a movie before its release. Yes, this happens sometimes guys go too far. They hack into a database where these movies are stored and distribute them even before their release. This is the worst level of piracy sites like moviesyug can go. This type of piracy incurs a very heavy loss to the film production units. 

Government action against Piracy

Recently Indian Government has issued a court summons to 74 piracy websites like moviesyug on the 24th of August, 2020. This happened when these piracy groups distributed Sushant Singh’s last movie Dil Bechara illegally on their platforms. Due to this, the official distributor of Dil Bechara i.e. Star India Pvt. Ltd. faced heavy loss in their revenue although they were streaming movies for free officially. They were not charging any subscription fee for watching it on their official release partner Disney+ Hostsatr, then also people like moviesyug distributed it on piracy platforms. 

Thus Star India filed a case against 74 popular movie piracy sites, and all these site owners have been given the summons to appear in court.

We will quote exactly what the summon stated:-

“WHEREAS the plaintiffs have instituted a suit relating to a commercial dispute against you and you are hereby summoned to file a written statement within 30 days of the service of the present summons and in case you fail to file the written statement within the set period of 30 days, you shall be allowed to file the written statement on such other day, as may be specified by the Court, for reasons to be recorded in writing and on payment of such costs as the Court deems fit, but which shall not be later than 120 days from the date of service of summons. On the expiry of 120 days from the date of service of summons, you shall forfeit the right to file the written statement and The court shall not allow the written statement to be taken on record.

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According to law the piracy of original content is a punishable offense. fully opposes this or any kind of piracy. The content shown here is only for information purposes. It is to inform you about illegal activities that you should not partake in.

This information is not in any form provided to encourage piracy-related activities. Please keep yourself away from websites like moviesyug and other piracy-related sites, and go through official channels of downloading content.