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Athade (Solo) 2018 free full movie stream Downlaod

Athade (Solo) 2018 free full movie stream

Athade (Solo) 2018 free full movie stream

Athade (Solo) 2018 Movie Summary

Released on 22 June 2018, Athade is a masterpiece movie directed and written both by Bejoy Nambiar. It is a Telugu remake of the famous bilingual movie Solo, which was made in Tamil and Malayalam. This movie is a collection of four individual short films based on four elements, Earth, Fire, Wind & Water. 

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Athade (Solo) 2018 Movie Cast

Dulquer Salmaan, Neha Sharma, Sai Dhanshika & Sruthi Hariharan are in the lead roles, assisted with Bejoy Nambiar, Govind Menon, Siddharth Menon, etc.

Athade (Solo) 2018 Movie Screenshots

Athade (Solo) 2018 free full movie stream

Athade (Solo) 2018 free full movie stream

Athade (Solo) 2018 free full movie stream

What is the length of Athade movie?
The total run time of Athade (Solo) movie is 2 Hours 33 Minutes.

Athade movie is a remake of which Malayalam movie?
Athade 2018 is the remake of the Solo 2017 movie.

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Athade (Solo) 2018 Movie Review

Hello guys, today I'll talk about Athade Telugu movie acted by Dulquer Salmaan and Neha Sharma. I understand why the movie got mixed reviews, but first, let's talk about the movie and not about the audience’s review.
Four stories, each having a gap of four years with four characters and all four were love stories in some way or another. The movie is an experimental mini-story type film, this means that it is a film consisting of several different short films often tied together by a single theme, which can be seen in the movie. 
So The only other collection you may have seen is “Lust Stories”. I would say I like Athadey better than “Lust Stories”, they're very two different movies. I like this one more on the technical front created hitting so many smooth transitions and editing played a very major role. 
As all the short films were non-linear and everything had to be strong so all the scenes make sense. The filming was enjoyable they didn't try to exaggerate any scene by adding unnatural beauty to it. 
Now let's talk about the four stories. 
First (world of Shaker), really like the acting in it, his impression of stammering was really good, did feel like a caricature. The story was very well constructed I'm not a big fan of romance drama but I'll make an exception.
Second (world of the look), now this one was very quick it was just 29 minutes and the others are mostly 40 minutes. Again this movie was driven by love but to accomplish the revenge. It was a thriller so it had to be quick. In the end, I really felt empathy for DQ's character because he was listening to everything that was happening while she was dying and that's really heart-wrenching. 
The third (world of Shiva), my favorite very realistic and gritty. It was very very short with all the action scenes and the background score was amazing. I think it had one of the best actings especially the supporting characters of Shiva's wife Shruti Hariharan and his brother Rohan Manoj he was just incredible in the end. 
Fourth (world of Luther), I would say it was my least favorite not due to the twist at the end but how the last one was executed. It was very unnatural how events were taking place one after the other. Some things didn't make sense and I'm like, did that really happen, I was having a feeling of a commercial film like it's a mum movie or something. But a twist at the end was a very bold move.
I think that's the reason it led to the polarizing reviews of the movie, the unconventional stories and not the best happy endings, and the twist in the last story that's very hard to digest by pioneer audiences. I've seen their twist playing some western movies and TV shows but I've never seen that in India and that's why I say it's a bold move. 
For hundred years Indian audiences are trained for happy good endings. If you don't know, even “Mera Naam Joker” didn't do well in the box office at all. Overall it was really an experiment, but that experiment really worked for me. More about DQ, I really enjoyed his performances he doesn't have that feel of a superstar and even I have seen his interviews he is very down to earth and very sorted in his life and he's acting also is very grounded which I really enjoy. 

So thank you for watching that's it, this was my thoughts on the movies Athadey if you enjoy this post share with your friends, family, and loved ones, if you don’t like it, no issues tell me in the comments what are your thoughts on this movie.

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