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Tron 1982 full movie watch online and download

Watch Tron 1982 full movie online and download

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What is the name of the first game played in movie?
It's called the Light Cycle. It is one of the famous games fro Flynn's arcade.

What was the first job of M.C.P. in the movie Tron 1982?
It was first programmed to play Chess, as mentioned by Flynn various times in the movie.


  • Jeff Bridges plays Kevin Flynn, ( programmer and game coder) at ENCOM. Bridges also act as Clu (an evil program in-game).
  • Bruce Boxleitner plays Alan Bradley, (Flynn's work assistant and fellow programmer in ENCOM. Boxleitner also acts as Tron.
  • Cindy Morgan plays Dr. Lora Baines, (Bradley's co-worker and also his girlfriend). Morgan also portrays Yori, (input or output program).
  • Barnard Hughes plays Dr. Walter Gibbs, (co-founder of ENCOM).
  • Dan Shor plays Roy Kleinberg, (an ENCOM employee).
  • Peter Jurasik portrays Crom, (a C.I. program who play against Flynn on the Game Grid.
  • Tony Stephano portrays Peter, (Dillinger's assistant).


  • Directed by         Steven Lisberger
  • Produced by        Donald Kushner
  • Distributed by     Buena Vista Distribution
  • Release date        July 9, 1982
  • Running time      96 minutes
  • Country        United States
  • Language      English
  • Budget                 US$17 million
  • Box office      US$50 million

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084827/

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Tron 1982 Review:-

In this post, we'll be filling you in on everything you should know about Tron (1982). Since its release in 1982 Tron has become an influential part of pop culture and changed the way movies are made.
The story of Tron (1982) is centered on a gifted young and calm software engineer named Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) who aspires to create his own software company, as the story begins we learned that Flynn has created his own series of cutting edge games. However, another programmer named Dillinger steals his work and passes it off as his own earning himself a huge promotion and thus begins his meteoric rise to what is he now, senior executive VP of ENCOM.
However, the Dillinger supercomputer master control program stops his every attempt. Flynn decides to enlist the help of his programmer friends Laura and her boyfriend Alan to help him break into ENCOM to shut down the master control program his plan is to use a security program named Tron (it's a security program itself, actually monitors all contacts between our system and other systems, if finds anything going on that's not scheduled it shuts down).
In response, the master control uses a matter transmission laser convert Flynn into data pulling him into the world within the computer there he discovered an electronic reality that is ruled by the master control program and his evil henchmen who have been created in the image of the Flynn learns that as a real-world user he possesses godlike powers eventually finding a way out of the games they destroy the evil software and liberate the system from its control.
Returning to the real world Flynn discovers the evidence he needs and uses it to become the CEO of the corporation.
While the adventure was dazzling for its time, it's sequel Tron Legacy which is set 28 years after the events of the first film is centered on Kevin's son Sam. There he discovers his father's hidden research and is pulled into cyberspace once digitized he reunites with his dad who's become trapped in a much more advanced computer system. Together the pair must embark on a deadly journey across an incredibly massive digital universe combating new challenges and facing on aspiring technological creations they must stop a ruthless duplicate of Kevin, originally created as a hacking program it now has its own plans for amassing unstoppable power.

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Words from Tron’s designer :

You had to have a completely symbiotic relationship with the computer technicians, you know they had never done film and we had never used computers you didn't you couldn't have all the tools you wanted because you didn't know what tools you would need.
It became this process of learning about what the technology could do and then brainstorming the creative side to use it. There really was no software to make anything move there was only software to describe where things sat.
If you wanted something to go from here to there it was literally as simple as you know X is 4 now X is 6 there are 2 units and that was it. That I mean there was just nothing else you know around, so suddenly Jerry Reece and I were the only animators on the whole show we're faced with the situation of trying to create what we consider to be Disney's quality animation. Which meant animation that moved with personality and with drama and we had to do it with no tools, you wouldn't even pull a wireframe up on the screen and make it move, couldn't even do that you could only see a wireframe a very primitive wireframe at one frame at a time and you could ask for frame 1 and frame 20 and frame 60 and you can get a slim but you could never see them move.
But what was kind of terrifying about trials we would plow at these very complicated moves. We'd have vehicles chasing each other down irregular canyons with cameras flying through the air and twisting and rolling and diving, and all that had to be done with these very simple graphs. We had to go ahead break it down frame by frame, increment by increment because let's say you've got an object like a light cycle for every frame, that it moves it will need at least six numbers to describe its position. It will need its XY and Z translations to show where it is in space and then it will need it its yaw pitch and roll to describe how it's tilting.
So that means for a hundred frames you need 600 numbers of data 100 frames is four seconds so you need 600  numbers to describe where it is. You can imagine sitting around writing 600 numbers for four seconds for one thing right. So what we would do is we would figure out in graph paper, okay the light cycle is going to start here on frame one and then three seconds late aren't trade 72 it's going to be over here and it's going to Crabbe an s-curve so gee if I just take frame 1 Frame 2360 and frame 72 I'll just take those four frames. I'll run down the hall I'll plug those into the Ox berry computer clink I'll hit a button and all these numbers will come up, and then I just sat there with my exposure sheet and I wrote down all 600 numbers on the next sheet and we gave these guys at the computer company these exposure sheets with six rows of numbers for every single frame and they went and they hand programs and then they typed them in there was no way to just like download it you know you didn't have a floppy disk you could put it on you just thought that you typed it.

TRON 1982 Alternate Review (Part I):

1982 for the release of Tron it was the first movie to incorporate the largest amount of computer-generated footage it had a solid budget of seventeen million dollars and grossed around thirty-five million in the USA and did pretty well in other parts of the world, but didn't really make as much money as Disney had hoped. It came out roughly a month later after ET, and that was still dominating the box office.
As a director and writer of Tron, Stephen Liz Berger and never directed a feature before his works in animation and his own company was producing adverts in the late 70s and developed the character of Tron with backlit animation. I wanted to create a feature around this character. The director wants to go with Disney from the start, visiting at the time we're looking for something unique that would boost their profits because their output of work was very poor at the time they were producing these to read full herby movies and recycling footage for the sequels.
Along came this Tron idea and they jumped at the chance, engage the director and his team a lot of freedom. I got to use different types of film formats and VistaVision to 70-millimeter help bring across their vision the director brought in conceptual artists did need to extend the visual world of Tron. Syd had designed from the best looking movies such as Blade Runner, Kevin Flynn a former software engineer for ENCOM has been fired by Ed Dillinger, who had stolen several video games designed by Flynn to gain a series of promotion.
Flynn attempts to obtain evidence of Dillinger's actions by Sydney in programs but is prevented by the master control program the MCP and artificial intelligence had controlled the ENCOM mainframe and seeks control over other mainframes as well. Dondre attempts to stop the MCP after it revealed its intentions, the hacking and gain control of the Pentagon and the Kremlin but is blackmailed by the MCP which threatens to reveal to the media his plagiarism of all Flynn games which are hugely successful.
Visited by his ex-girlfriend Laura Baines and a current boyfriend Alan Bradley both ENCOM engineers, who warned him that division knows about his hacking attempts and as tightened security. Flynn persuades them to let him into ENCOM building, where he faces a high-security clearance for Bradley's program, which would monitor communications between the MCP and the outside world. Whereupon the NTP uses an experimental laser to transfer Flynn into the ENCOM mainframe.
In the mainframe computer programs appear in the likeness of the human users who created them, and wielded their chief weapon - an identity disk, thrown at their enemies. Programs resistant to the rule are forced to play of Marshal games in which the losers are destroyed in prison by SOG. Flynn meets Tron and another program called RAM together they escape their prison.
During the life cycle match during their fight RAM is mortally wounded and dies but Flynn gradually discovers that as a user he is capable of manipulating the reality of the digital world at an input/output junction. Tron communicates with Alan and received instructions about how to destroy the MCP Sean Flynn and another program created by Laura main Yuri bought a solar sailor simulation to reach the NPCs core.
Sean's visual effects weren't submitted for an Oscar at the time because the Academy felt a cheated because they use computers which is completely ridiculous now I think only 20 minutes of CGI is in the movie everything else is matte paintings and hand-drawn animation. Effects like rot scoping supervised by Richard Taylor and Cyrus and Ellenville a character in Tron generally had five different exposures for each section of the outfit and once they'd been put together they had to be re-photographed over and over onto one frame of film from completed shots were nearly 30 layers deep of exposures.
When you watch the film you notice big black outlines and flickered throughout the image which they did try to reduce with different film stocks and that's an inherent problem with optical printing and exposing. So many a software was extremely limited at the time to produce computer-generated imagery it was a difficult and lengthy process to program all the sequences, the computers used at the time only had 2 megabytes of memory on the DVD documentary one of the key architects the difficult process of animating within the computer.

TRON 1982 Alternate Review (Part II):

A soundtrack was composed of the pioneer electronic musician Wendy Carlos with previous film scores includes Clockwork Orange and The Shining. Disney at the time also wanted to incorporate an orchestral score to coincide with the electronic music the music does successfully copied that video game style of music and gives it that theatrical presentation but hasn't dated very well. It's not to say it's bad but in comparison to other electronic stores at the time, this stuff's all a  bit short.
I believe the melodies and themes are nice but there isn't any real action cues stuff I really enjoy, easy orchestral compositions which sound very much like typical Disney music and definitely give the score a bit more texture and scale. If you take away the orchestral music and film prove less like a Disney movie.
In my opinion, naturally, a video game was released at the time in the arcade and on the Atari 2600, the arcade version has been re-released on Xbox Live. It features four levels representing specific scenes from the film, from the lifecycle to the attack.
The MCP 1 level was dropped at the time and released a year later I believe and it was called the disks of Tron. The original game proved very popular and was awarded the coin up of the year by electronic games magazine it took a very long time for a sequel to happen. I was happily surprised they went with a direct sequel to original classic being a fan of Tron I was so impressed with Legacy this actually incredible and the mind-blowing soundtrack has sucked me right into the world they created like the original destroyed in fall of its flat made the end but it didn't bother me at all I must have seen it over 10 times now.

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